OpsCentre represents Web-IQ and its Security Intelligence Solutions in the Australia and New Zealand Region.

Online intelligence has become crucial for making the right decisions.
We support law enforcement agencies and other information-driven organisations with our forensic web intelligence technology, expertise and unique datasets to deliver intelligence that is both targeted and actionable.

The Darknet Search Engine

The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organisation, country or city.
Is the Darknet still a blind spot for your organisation?

We continuously monitor, harvest and structure data from Tor Hidden Services and popular Darknet markets into actionable intelligence and make these indexed datasets available to Law Enforcement, corporates and (local) governments.

Safe City intelligence

Do you know what is happening online in your city? Who is undermining the safety and economic stability of your citizens?
We are helping cities and municipalities to get a grip on the online landscape by providing data and expertise.

Expertise / Technology

We understand that many organisations have unique information needs. We combine our expertise and our proprietary technology in specialised projects to deliver customised on-site solutions for web intelligence. In addition we initiate and participate in research projects and offer OSINT investigation support to law enforcement and the private industry around the globe.

Case Studies

The Darknet is seen as facilitating people in an environment of terrorism; a place where tutorials on how to make bombs, materials needed for making explosives, and weapons are traded freely.  Read our case-studies to find out how Web-IQ is able to provide targeted intelligence from the Darknet and Darknet markets.

Dark Cloud and Counter Terrorism

Dark Cloud and Identify Fraud


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